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Event Schedule

May 25th Monday: (In English and Turkish)
Opening of the Web Biennial. Curatorial talk and DJ performance by Ipek Yeginsu. 23:00- 24:00 CET+1 İstanbul
Zoom meeting

May 26th Tuesday: (Türkçe)
Deneysel Çizim Atölyesi. Meltem Şahin. 17:00-16:30 CET+1 İstanbul

May 27th Wednesday: (English)
Art Theory. Generative Systems Art. by Francesca Franco. 19:00 – 20:30 CET+1
Organised by: Natalia Fuchs, ARTYPICAL and Gamma Festival

May 28th Thursday: (Türkçe)
Antik APEIRON kavramına giriş. Moderatör: Genco Gülan 19:00 CET+1
Instagram LIVE @webbiennial2020

May 29th Friday: (English)
WALK THROUGHS A FURTHER LOOK Coversation with Claudia Hart 18:00 CET
In collobarotion with Synthesis Gallery

May 30th Saturday: (Türkçe)
Çağdaş Sanatta, Sanat Tarihsel göndermeler. Gul Ilgaz. 18:00 CET+1

May 31th Sunday: (English)
Pulsar Touching Data workshop with Soliman Lopez. 09:00PM CET
Zoom meeting

June 1st Monday
Galleries OPEN: Experience, Experiment, Survey and Action.

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