Art Manager

Pırıl Gündüz

Pırıl Gündüz is a curator who acted as the founding director of The Hollows Artspace, an artist residency in Brooklyn. Through exhibitions, art fairs and performances, The Hollows hosted over 200 artists with a lively programming that included open air concerts, midnight studio sessions and talks, placing itself on the New York art map as an international cultural hub.She holds an MA in Media Studies degree from The New School and a graduate of Economics and Film Studies departments of Bogazici University. She taught 'Curating Contemporary Art' in İstanbul and İzmir. 


Lal Polater

After completing her Interior Architecture education at Istanbul Technical University at Faculty of Architecture, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and creative director with overseas design studios, especially in England, Greece and Switzerland, she founded Hergele Electric Scooters with her partners. While undertaking product design, branding and social media management, she continues her Business Administration at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Business Administration.


Bugay Çağlar

I was born in 1992 in Kastamonu. After starting 2011 ITU civil engineering, I left and started 2015 ITU Mechanical Engineering. I have been the assistant of the 3rd and Contemporary artist Genco Gülan since 2016 in the Autodesk Fusion Modeling contest for “Modeling Complex Structure”. I make motor control, image processing and mechanical designs of his autonomous sculptures. In June 2018, I started my professional business life in the Bus Development section of the Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Factory. In December 2019, then left Mercedes Benz and established Hergele Electric Scooter enterprise which is an e-mobility manufacturing company based in Istanbul.


İpek Yeğinsü

Ipek Yeginsu is an independent art professional living and working in Istanbul. She is an academic instructor and a Ph.D. candidate at Ozyegin University Department of Design, Technology and Society. Curating her own exhibitions since 2013, she adopts a transdisciplinary, site-specific and pluralistparticipatory curatorial approach. She regards exhibitions not as finished products, but as elements triggering the emergence of new dialogues around them. Her selected exhibitions include “Intergalactic” (Anna Laudel, 2019), “Speculative Spaces” (Kare Art, 2019), “Crossed Destinies: Homage to Calvino” (Bilsart, 2018), and “Synchronicity” (Mebusan 25, 2017).


Genco Gülan

Genco Gülan is a contemporary artist, curator and a theoretician. He got his MA degree from Media Studies at New School New York. His thesis; De-constructing the Digital Revolution (2001) published as a print on demand book. His books are in the Libraries of Metropolitan Museum, Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and Salt Galata. Gulan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts New York, Cologne University among many others. He founded the Istanbul Museum as an art project in 1997 and started the Web Biennial in 2003. He was in the board of Balkan Biennial of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (2004) and in the International programming committee of Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts in Singapore (2008). Gulan recently got awards from Ege University (2015) and Milliyet Sanat (2019). He lives and works in Istanbul.

Web Designer

Damla Durman

Damla Durman has graduated from Performing Arts Department . She works with different mediums and artist. (Gizem Aksu, Ali Emir Tapan, Güray Dinçol, many others) 
She created happening performance in Mamut Art Festival ( I am walking for you) and another one is online performance which called Meeting Neighbours performed in Istanbul PerformanceArt Platform. Curatorial  asistant, Art editor,Theatre, Dance

are some of her working areas, besides she worked in Arter Museum.She took online design course from Calıfornıa Institute of Arts. Currently she is working at the production theme for the festival 24 hours.

 Project Assistant

Aleksia Dimopolos

My professional work experiences began with the start of my college life. It was thanks to the Department of "Arts and Cultural Management" that I studied at Bilgi University. During these years, I worked in the music industry (All Stars Music Edition), and we established exhibitions within the scope of the course at the school (Art 311-312 “Shh...!"). I was an assistant director at the theatre. At the same time, my partner and I have done events together, which we continue to do under the name of “Mangata Events”. Finally, as a graduation project, we are conducting the "Digital Project06 Festival"with my classmate

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